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Release Notes for STM32F4xx Standard Peripherals  Drivers

Copyright 2013 STMicroelectronics



  1. STM32F4xx Standard Peripherals Drivers update History
  2. License

STM32F4xx Standard Peripherals Drivers  update History

V1.1.0 / 11-Janury-2013

Main Changes

  • Official release for STM32F427x/437x devices.
  • stm32f4xx_cryp.c/.h
    • Update CRYP_Init() function : add the support for new algorithms (GCM/CCM).
    • Add new function : CRYP_PhaseConfig() used for new AES-GCM and AES-CCM algorithms.
    • CRYP_InitTypeDef structure : update all structure fields from uint16_t to uint32_t and update all driver functions  parameters and the correpondant define to be declared with uint32_t type.
    • Replace the "CRYP_ContextSave->CR_bits9to2" by "CRYP_ContextSave->CurrentConfig".
  • stm32f4xx_flash.c/.h
    • Update FLASH sectors numbers "FLASH_Sector_x" with x = 0..23.
    • Update FLASH_EraseAllSectors() function to support mass erase for STM32F427x/437x devices.
  • stm32f4xx_gpio.c/.h
    • Add Alternate functions for new peripherals: SPI4, SPI5, SPI6, UART7, UART8.
    • Update all functions header comment.
  • stm32f4xx_hash.c/.h
    • Update HASH_GetDigest() function : add the HASH_DIGEST structure.
    • Add new function HASH_AutoStartDigest().
    • Update HASH_MsgDigest structure: to support SHA-224 and SHA-256 modes.
    •  Update HASH_Context structure.
    • Update some define using bit definitions already declared in stm32f4xx.h.
  • stm32f'xx_i2c.c/.h
    • Add new functions:
      • I2C_AnalogFilterCmd(): enable/disable the analog I2C filters.
      • I2C_DigitalFilterConfig(): configure the digital I2C filters.
  • stm32f4xx_pwr.c/.h
    • Add new argument "PWR_Regulator_Voltage_Scale3"  to PWR_MainRegulatorModeConfig() function to be in line with Reference Manual description.
  • stm32f4xx_rcc.c/.h
    • Add new definitions for new peripherals: SPI4, SPI5, SPI6, SAI1, UART7, UART8.
    • Add a new parameter in RCC_PLLI2SConfig() function : PLLI2SQ to specifies the division factor for SAI1 clock.
    • Add RCC_TIMCLKPresConfig() function : TIMER Prescaler selection. 
  • stm32l1xx_spi.c/.h
    • Update to support SPI4, SPI5, SPI6.
    • Update all functions header comment.
  • stm32l1xx_usart.c/.h
    • Update to support UART7 and UART8.
    • Update all functions header comment.

V1.0.2 / 05-March-2012

Main Changes

  • All source files: license disclaimer text update and add link to the License file on ST Internet.
  • stm32f4xx_dcmi.c
    • DCMI_GetFlagStatus() function: fix test condition on RISR register, use if (dcmireg == 0x00) instead of if (dcmireg == 0x01)
  • stm32f4xx_pwr.c
    • PWR_PVDLevelConfig() function: remove value of the voltage threshold corresponding to each PVD detection level, user should refer to the electrical characteristics of the STM32 device datasheet to have the correct value

V1.0.1 / 28-December-2011

Main Changes

  • All source files: update disclaimer to add reference to the new license agreement
  • stm32f4xx_rtc.c: 
    • RTC_DeInit() function: add reset of the following registers: SHIFTRCALRALRMASSR and ALRMBSSR
    • RTC_SetTime() and RTC_SetDate() functions: add test condition on BYPSHAD flag before to test RSF flag (when Bypass mode is enabled, the RSF bit is never set).

V1.0.0 / 30-September-2011

Main Changes

  • First official release for STM32F40x/41x devices
  • stm32f4xx_rtc.c: remove useless code from RTC_GetDate() function
  • stm32f4xx_rcc.c, stm32f4xx_spi.c, stm32f4xx_wwdg.c and stm32f4xx_syscfg.c: driver's comments update

V1.0.0RC2 / 26-September-2011

Main Changes

  • Official version (V1.0.0) Release Candidate1 for STM32F40x/STM32F41x devices
  • stm32f4xx_usart.h/.c
    • Update procedure to check on overrun error interrupt pending bit, defines for the following flag are added:
      • USART_IT_ORE_RX: this flag is set if overrun error interrupt occurs and RXNEIE bit is set
      • USART_IT_ORE_ER: this flag is set if overrun error interrupt occurs and EIE bit is set
  • stm32f4xx_tim.c
    • TIM_UpdateRequestConfig(): correct function header's comment 
    • TIM_ICInit(): add assert macros to test if the passed TIM parameter has channel 2, 3 or 4
  • stm32f4xx_pwr.h/.c
    • Rename PWR_FLAG_REGRDY constant to PWR_CSR_REGRDY
    • Rename PWR_FLAG_VOSRDY constant to PWR_CSR_VOSRDY
    • Rename PWR_HighPerformanceModeCmd(FunctionalState NewState) function to PWR_MainRegulatorModeConfig(uint32_t PWR_Regulator_Voltage)
  • stm32f4xx_rcc.h/.c
    • RCC_AHB1PeriphClockCmd(): add new constant RCC_AHB1Periph_CCMDATARAMEN as value for RCC_AHB1Periph parameter
  • stm32f4xx_spi.h
    • IS_I2S_EXT_PERIPH(): add check on I2S3ext peripheral

V1.0.0RC1 / 25-August-2011

Main Changes

  • Official version (V1.0.0) Release Candidate1 for STM32F4xx devices


Licensed under MCD-ST Liberty SW License Agreement V2, (the "License"); You may not use this package except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at:

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
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