Changes to CMSIS version V1.20

1. Removed CMSIS Middelware packages

CMSIS Middleware is on hold from ARM side until a agreement between all CMSIS partners is found.

2. SystemFrequency renamed to SystemCoreClock

The variable name SystemCoreClock is more precise than SystemFrequency because the variable holds the clock value at which the core is running.

3. Changed startup concept

The old startup concept (calling SystemInit_ExtMemCtl from startup file and calling SystemInit from main) has the weakness that it does not work for controllers which need a already configuerd clock system to configure the external memory controller.

Changed startup concept

4. Advanced Debug Functions

ITM communication channel is only capable for OUT direction. To allow also communication for IN direction a simple concept is provided.

For detailed explanation see file CMSIS debug support.htm.

5. Core Register Bit Definitions

Files core_cm3.h and core_cm0.h contain now bit definitions for Core Registers. The name for the defines correspond with the Cortex-M Technical Reference Manual.

e.g. SysTick structure with bit definitions

/** @addtogroup CMSIS_CM3_SysTick CMSIS CM3 SysTick
  memory mapped structure for SysTick
typedef struct
  __IO uint32_t CTRL;                         /*!< Offset: 0x00  SysTick Control and Status Register */
  __IO uint32_t LOAD;                         /*!< Offset: 0x04  SysTick Reload Value Register       */
  __IO uint32_t VAL;                          /*!< Offset: 0x08  SysTick Current Value Register      */
  __I  uint32_t CALIB;                        /*!< Offset: 0x0C  SysTick Calibration Register        */
} SysTick_Type;

/* SysTick Control / Status Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Pos         16                                             /*!< SysTick CTRL: COUNTFLAG Position */
#define SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Msk         (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_COUNTFLAG_Pos)            /*!< SysTick CTRL: COUNTFLAG Mask */

#define SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Pos          2                                             /*!< SysTick CTRL: CLKSOURCE Position */
#define SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Msk         (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_CLKSOURCE_Pos)            /*!< SysTick CTRL: CLKSOURCE Mask */

#define SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Pos            1                                             /*!< SysTick CTRL: TICKINT Position */
#define SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Msk           (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_TICKINT_Pos)              /*!< SysTick CTRL: TICKINT Mask */

#define SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Pos             0                                             /*!< SysTick CTRL: ENABLE Position */
#define SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Msk            (1ul << SysTick_CTRL_ENABLE_Pos)               /*!< SysTick CTRL: ENABLE Mask */

/* SysTick Reload Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Pos             0                                             /*!< SysTick LOAD: RELOAD Position */
#define SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Msk            (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_LOAD_RELOAD_Pos)        /*!< SysTick LOAD: RELOAD Mask */

/* SysTick Current Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos             0                                             /*!< SysTick VAL: CURRENT Position */
#define SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Msk            (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos)        /*!< SysTick VAL: CURRENT Mask */

/* SysTick Calibration Register Definitions */
#define SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Pos            31                                             /*!< SysTick CALIB: NOREF Position */
#define SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Msk            (1ul << SysTick_CALIB_NOREF_Pos)               /*!< SysTick CALIB: NOREF Mask */

#define SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Pos             30                                             /*!< SysTick CALIB: SKEW Position */
#define SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Msk             (1ul << SysTick_CALIB_SKEW_Pos)                /*!< SysTick CALIB: SKEW Mask */

#define SysTick_CALIB_TENMS_Pos             0                                             /*!< SysTick CALIB: TENMS Position */
#define SysTick_CALIB_TENMS_Msk            (0xFFFFFFul << SysTick_VAL_CURRENT_Pos)        /*!< SysTick CALIB: TENMS Mask */
/*@}*/ /* end of group CMSIS_CM3_SysTick */

7. DoxyGen Tags

DoxyGen tags in files core_cm3.[c,h] and core_cm0.[c,h] are reworked to create proper documentation using DoxyGen.

8. Folder Structure

The folder structure is changed to differentiate the single support packages.

9. Open Points

Following points need to be clarified and solved:

10. Limitations

The following limitations are not covered with the current CMSIS version: