IMPORTANT: A NEW AND EASIER-TO-USE VERSION OF THIS TOOLBOX IN PYTHON IS AVAILABLE AT https://gitlab.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/bpaassen/python-edit-distances/

This Java Toolbox provides several edit distance algorithms between two data structures, be it lists, sets, or trees, which may contain arbitrary kinds of nodes. The toolbox also provides options to parametrize the edit distance, to compute optimal solutions via backtracing, and to compute gradients of the edit distance with respect to metric parameters. The toolbox is written in Java 1.7 and is compatible with MATLAB (R).

More information can be found on the Wiki Page

The GIT repository is accessible via: https://openresearch.cit-ec.de/git/tcs.tcs-alignment.git

For Java development we recommend using the maven system for dependency management. All modules of this toolbox are available at maven central: http://search.maven.org/#search|ga|1|de.cit-ec.tcs.alignment

A binary distribution can be found here: https://openresearch.cit-ec.de/attachments/download/442/alignment-full-3.1.0.jar

The javadoc can be found here: https://openresearch.cit-ec.de/attachments/download/443/alignment-full-3.1.0-javadoc.zip


Manager: Bassam Mokbel, Benjamin Paassen

Latest news

TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 3.1.1
Some bugfixes in the trees module and a new paper.
Added by Benjamin Paassen over 5 years ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 3.1.0
Version 3.1.0 now supports edit distances for sets, trees, and forests
Added by Benjamin Paassen about 6 years ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 3.0.1
Version 3.0.1 contains more convenience functions in the primitives module and a few bugfixes for the primitives and visualization module.
Added by Benjamin Paassen over 7 years ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox Version 3.0.0
Version 3 of the TCSAlignmentToolbox is released. Arbitrary Lists can be used as input now. Removal of data structure overhead speeds up alignments significantly.
Added by Benjamin Paassen about 8 years ago

TCS Alignment Toolbox 2.1.2 Hotfix
Enabled null values and fixed handling of dtw operations in Operations and FlexibleGrammar.
Added by Benjamin Paassen almost 9 years ago

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