AMiRo-OS framwork moved

The entire AMiRo-OS framework moved to the "UBi GitLab":
Added by Thomas Schöpping almost 4 years ago

The entire AMiRo-OS framework has been moved to the UBi GitLab. All but very few commits in the new repositories are 1:1 compatible (identical hashes).
Repositories, Wiki, etc. are now frozen here at, but still accessible (read-only).

The reason for this move was the more modern GitLab environment the much better maintenance situation in comparison to this Redmine.

If you are currently working on a feature branch, be aware that submodules were updated only for the master branches. You can safely keep it this way as long as you do not require recent updates of any submodule. If you do, though, you need to adapt the according url in the .gitmodules file to point to<submodule>.git (replace <submodule> with the project name).