AMiRo-OS Wiki

Welcome to the AMiRo-OS project wiki. This website provides information about software, protocols, and tools that are part of the AMiRo-OS framework.
If you have any issues finding the information you need in this wiki or the software (repositories), please contact one of the project managers or developers.


A collection of applications and configurations to be used in combination with AMiRo-OS and μRtWare.



A lightweight real-time middleware with built-in system failure detection.



The operating system for AMiRo including drivers, hardware validation tests, and two demo applications for line following and obstacle avoidance.



The bootloader toolchain for the Autonomous Mini Robot (AMiRo), including the target software for the three microcontroller based modules of AMiRo and a custom flashing tool to update the operating system.



A compilation of low-level drivers for the various periphery of the AMiRo platform.


SSSP (Startup Shutdown Synchronization Protocol)

The Startup Shutdown Synchronization Protocol (SSSP) defines a standard for synchronous, real-time capable startup, operation and shutdown of the whole system, comprising all relevant components, like bootloader and operating system. At the same time, complexity and system requirements are kept on a minimal level.


It is highly recommend to use the scripts included in the project sources.

For legacy versions (before AMiRo-OS v2.x.x and AMiRo-BLT v1.0.1 respectively) an according bash script is provided here.