From 2017-07-30 to 2017-08-28


12:32 Revision 33c91ff2 (amiro-os): Wii steering slightly enhanced.
It is now possible to use the controller horizontally as well as vertically. Thomas Schöpping


19:54 Revision 6fd5a427 (amiro-os): README.txt slightly updated.
Thomas Schöpping
19:43 Revision f8cf404d (amiro-os): All outputs that were still printed to SD1 (on-board serial connect...
Thomas Schöpping
19:24 Revision 61b0791a (amiro-os): Integrated the Wiimote demo to the PowerManagement logic.
The blouetooth drivers were slightly enhanced. Thomas Schöpping
19:23 Revision 8dbafe16 (amiro-os): Constants.h: renamed CAN::UPDATE_PERIOD_MSEC to CAN::UPDATE_PERIOD
Thomas Schöpping

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