From 2018-05-18 to 2018-06-16


10:16 Revision 20205a98 (amiro-os): shell thread priority can now be configured via aosconf.h
Thomas Schöpping
09:51 Revision b6b45e4c (amiro-os): enhanced hooks in aos_main.cpp:
- INIT_HOOK_0 now supports optional arguments like all other hooks
- new hook introduced to add custom includes
- n...
Thomas Schöpping
09:38 Revision b2053cb5 (amiro-os): The main.c was renamed to aos_main.cpp and will compiled as C++ fil...
This allows to use full C++ capabilities when using any hooks. Thomas Schöpping
09:33 Revision 870f74ac (amiro-os): 1) enhancements of the makefiles:
- replaced all absolute paths by relative paths
- include directories now consistently do not have a trailing slas...
Thomas Schöpping
09:20 Revision 616f3584 (amiro-lld): Makefile modified to get rid of absolute path
Thomas Schöpping
09:14 Revision 9ed9243f (amiro-blt): target makefiles modified to get rid of absolute paths
Thomas Schöpping


09:40 Revision 680d05e5 (amiro-os): Updated AMiRo-BLT and applied an similar fix to (...
Thomas Schöpping
09:39 Revision 7737db33 (amiro-blt): fixed an issue with relative paths of the compi...
Thomas Schöpping
09:38 Revision bba1e03c (amiro-blt): fixed a typo
Thomas Schöpping


16:11 Revision b8268050 (amiro-os): FIX: AosShellChannel was not known in main.c if shell was disabled.
Thomas Schöpping
16:04 Revision 043cdf33 (amiro-os): Introduced a common aos_chconf.h file, which is included by each ch...
The smart build feature was deactivated since it caused issues with this new structure. Thomas Schöpping


18:38 Revision dd8738ea (amiro-os): AosShellChannel now contains a pointer to a BaseAsynchronousChannel...
Fixed an issue with AosIOStreams as well as AosShellStreams regarding multiple reading/writing from/to channels. Thomas Schöpping

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