From 2019-11-11 to 2019-12-10


11:52 Feature #596 (New): automated test script
Introduce a test script, that sweeps compile parameters (e.g. AMIROOS_CFG_DBG), compiles all modules with these setti... Thomas Schöpping
09:57 Feature #594 (Resolved): Revise periphAL
The structure of periphAL was heavily revised.
In addition to the requested enhancements, the interface header is no...
Thomas Schöpping
09:34 Feature #592 (Resolved): AMiRo-LLD configuration via Makefile
Any LLDs now have to be included via the module Makefile and are completely ignored during compilation otherwise.
Thomas Schöpping
09:27 Feature #590 (Resolved): System (de)initialization with disabled bootloader
Four new flags have been introduced to aosconf.h:
Controls the bootloader to be used a...
Thomas Schöpping

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