From 2020-04-26 to 2020-05-25


20:59 Revision 2be62ace (amiro-apps): QtCreator setup script completely reworked
Thomas Schöpping
20:57 Revision cacd990c (amiro-os): QtCreator setup script slightly enhanced
Thomas Schöpping
20:39 Revision d5a2a7ce (amiro-blt): QtCreator setup script slightly enhanced
Thomas Schöpping
20:04 Revision d4c6efa9 (amiro-os): Change turn logic by utilizing the bottom sensors, add shell comman...
displaying all state transitions Georg Alberding
20:02 Revision e1f1c4b5 (amiro-os): Add AmiroMap
Georg Alberding


13:35 Revision 6d4ba740 (amiro-apps): Overhaul to the new µRtWare interface.
Rework of several settings and build chain. Thomas Schöpping
12:44 Revision 46471486 (urtware): OSAL slightly reworked.
Interfaces enhanced.
Documentation updated.
Thomas Schöpping


20:19 Revision 1f7ffcff (urtware): Started to write the init functions
Svenja Kenneweg


15:25 Revision 5198dfae (urtware): Started to fill the doxygen
Svenja Kenneweg
13:17 Revision 8fb7bf64 (amiro-apps): Submodules updated and documentation adapted.
Thomas Schöpping
13:10 Revision 2d315870 (urtware): Documentation massively overhauled:
- Remote Procedure Call system massively reworked.
- Component diagram slightly enhanced.
- Several fixes.
Thomas Schöpping


13:37 Revision 017b2ac7 (urtware): Added some typedefs in the node header and functions in the subscrib...
Svenja Kenneweg
12:39 Revision cd21e832 (urtware): Changed depth of indentation
Svenja Kenneweg


13:03 Revision a93a1019 (amiro-os): Fixed a common typo in several comments.
Thomas Schöpping


15:32 Revision 7d9678db (urtware): Finished header, added empty functions in c classes, added comments
Svenja Kenneweg


21:20 Revision 1fb06240 (urtware): started the simple skeleton of the urtware
Svenja Kenneweg
21:15 Revision 5dfd7422 (urtware): added gitignore
Svenja Kenneweg

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