From 2020-07-17 to 2020-08-15


19:35 Revision 63abda2c (amiro-apps): Fixed warnings and changes in urtware submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
19:34 Revision fb72e91b (urtware): Nearly finished the publisher.
Fixed errors, warnings in publisher, subscriber, topic, ... Svenja Kenneweg
10:41 Revision b87f52a2 (amiro-apps): Changes in amiro-os submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
10:00 Revision 7e5fca2f (amiro-apps): Changes in urtware submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
09:59 Revision 60da7a2f (urtware): Added c sources to makefile
Svenja Kenneweg


15:46 Revision 50d6d0b6 (amiro-os): aosSysStop() fixed: will no longer starve other threads off CPU time
Thomas Schöpping
15:32 Revision 1ca1aee9 (amiro-os): aosThreadGetNext() fixed (idle thread was missed before)
Thomas Schöpping


16:55 Revision 29f22fdb (amiro-apps): Update of the urtware submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
16:46 Revision 33aa05c5 (urtware): Started with the publisher
Svenja Kenneweg
11:19 Revision d55d1a1e (amiro-apps): Update of the urtware submodule (Doc)
Svenja Kenneweg
11:18 Revision e7056e1b (urtware): Documentation expanded:
Mainly added functions of the core Svenja Kenneweg


17:17 Revision 2ca65a55 (amiro-apps): Update of the urtware submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
17:16 Revision 982056f7 (urtware): Several Changes in the subscriber files:
Splitted up the subscriber file (basesubscriber and other)
Finished some subscriber functions (not tested yet)
Svenja Kenneweg
11:24 Revision ded1ded7 (amiro-os): VL53L1X test overhauled.
- AMiRo-LLD updated
- periphAL implementation adapted
- NUCLEO-L476RG module configuration modified
- VL53L1X test re...
Thomas Schöpping
11:17 Revision 0aa71229 (amiro-lld): Merge branch 'vl53l1x' of
# Conflicts:
# drivers/VL53L1X/v1/alld_VL53L1X.c
# drivers/VL53L1X/v1/alld_VL53L1X.h
# drivers/VL53L1X/v1/api/platfor...
Thomas Schöpping
11:12 Revision f0dd1ac4 (amiro-lld): VL53L1X driver overhauled.
Thomas Schöpping
11:02 Revision 3ed0cc4d (amiro-lld): VL53L1X driver overhauled.
Thomas Schöpping
10:58 Revision f83cf569 (amiro-lld): Merge branch 'master' into vl53l1x
Thomas Schöpping
09:54 Revision e7c4f797 (amiro-os): Merged several modifications from master-branch.
Thomas Schöpping


20:56 Revision 7f957463 (amiro-apps): Update of the middleware submodule
Svenja Kenneweg
20:54 Revision 65dc89cb (urtware): Work in the subscriber functions:
Mainly the fetchLatest/FetchNext Svenja Kenneweg

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