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Since AMiRo-OS uses ChibiOS as underlying system kernel, you need to acquire a
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copy of it as well. First, go to the directory which contains the AMiRo-OS
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folder (but do not go into the AMiRo-OS directory itself!). Now clone the GIT
repository of ChibiOS and checkout version 2.6.x:
repository of ChibiOS and checkout version 2.6.8:
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  >$ git clone ChibiOS
117 117
  >$ cd ChibiOS
  >$ git checkout 2e6dfc7364e7551483922ea6afbaea8f3501ab0e
  >$ git checkout ver_2.6.8 
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It is highly recommended to use exactly this commit. Although newer commits in
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the 2.6.x branch might work fine, AMiRo-OS is not compatible with ChibiOS
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version 3 or newer.

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