From 2018-02-15 to 2018-03-16


13:44 Revision 68bf1211 (amiro-blt): INtroduced Target/Modules/ which defines the device ID...
Thomas Schöpping
13:43 Revision fb5a5c5b (amiro-blt): SerialBoot now detects invalid device IDs (e.g. 0 or empty argumen...
Thomas Schöpping
11:45 Revision d7238092 (amiro-blt): SerialBoot now recognizes device IDs (-T parameter) in various for...
- 'raw', e.g. -T123456
- hexadecimal, e.g. -T0x01020304
- octal, e.g. -T0o010203040506
- binary, e.g. -T0b00101000101...
Thomas Schöpping
11:43 Revision d54d2f07 (amiro-blt): Major overhaul (to version 1.1.0):
- The bootloader toolchain now works with 32 bit device IDs (DiWheelDrive 1.1 = 0x01000101; PowerManagement 1.1 = 0x0... Thomas Schöpping
10:43 Revision df2f435c (amiro-blt): minor fix to the script
Thomas Schöpping


18:27 Revision 5cff2671 (amiro-blt): fixed erroneous paths
Thomas Schöpping
17:49 Revision 6ac03b0f (amiro-blt): Target/Makefile enhanced to be more generic
Thomas Schöpping
16:48 Revision a8ddce31 (amiro-blt): minor fix to script
Thomas Schöpping
16:48 Revision 367c0652 (amiro-blt): Moved the Taget/Demo/XXX/ folders to Target/Modules/.
The module folders were further renamed to contain the module revision (e.g. DiWheelDrive_1-1). Thomas Schöpping
16:34 Revision 9085c3a0 (amiro-blt): moved the compier/ and ide/ folders to a common folder tools/
Thomas Schöpping

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