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Added by Thomas Schöpping over 6 years ago

Major overhaul (to version 1.1.0):
- The bootloader toolchain now works with 32 bit device IDs (DiWheelDrive 1.1 = 0x01000101; PowerManagement 1.1 = 0x01010101; LightRing 1.0 = 0x017F0100).
However, the system is still compatible to the old numbering scheme and legacy IDs for compatibility reasons.
As a result, the new bootloader can be used with the old SerialBoot tool and vice versa.
- In order to allow for 32 bit IDs, the CAN communication as modified.
Packages which are larger than a single transmit are split into multiple CAN messages.
An according handshaking mechanism (receiver acknowledges everey message) has been implemented.
The device ID is not coded into the CAN message identifier anymore, but is transmitted as the first four bytes of the first CAN message of a XCP package transmission.
However, the two lowermost bit of the CAN message identifier are now used as indicator flags for acknowledgment and subsequent transmission for simple filtering.
- The bootloaders will not "double blink" the LED anymore, but indicate the XCP connection status.
- The bootloader version has been incremented to 1.1.0.


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