From 2019-02-13 to 2019-03-14


14:35 Revision 9ae7c4f3 (amiro-os): Initial support for the new LightRing v1.2 module (not all hardware...
Thomas Schöpping
14:33 Revision 5d0950c9 (amiro-lld): TLC5947v1: enhanced to support chained devices.
Thomas Schöpping
14:32 Revision fc7151bb (amiro-blt): Introduced new LightRing v1.2 module.
Version number has been rolled back to 1.1.3, since no new functionality has been introduced with the latest commits,... Thomas Schöpping
11:06 Feature #594 (Resolved): Revise periphAL
The periphery abstraction layer (periphAL) should be revised and optimized:
* All @enum@ should be replaced by a c...
Thomas Schöpping


12:59 Revision 11d54cd3 (amiro-os): Merge branch 'rtcan' of
# Conflicts:
# modules/PowerManagement_1-1/module.c
# modules/PowerManagement_1-1/module.h
Julian Leichert


13:24 Feature #592 (Resolved): AMiRo-LLD configuration via Makefile
Currently AMiRo-LLD drivers are activated via the alldconf.h file, which results in numerous files being compiled wit... Thomas Schöpping
13:20 Feature #591 (New): More generic QtCreator project setup
Recently, the AMiRo-OS QtCreator project setup script has been enhanced to use the GCC output for generating accordin... Thomas Schöpping
13:16 Feature #590 (Resolved): System (de)initialization with disabled bootloader
Introduce a possibility to configure AMiRo-OS to not use a bootloader, so that the OS will fully initialize the hardw... Thomas Schöpping
13:13 Feature #589 (New): Enhanced I/O events
Currently I/O interrupts result in I/O events and propagate the causing EXTI line via event flags (e.g. EXTI #3 propa... Thomas Schöpping
11:57 Support #588 (In Progress): AMiRo-BLT overhaul
Currently AMiRo-BLT is a highly modified fork of an quite old version of OpenBLT. For better maintainability it shoul... Thomas Schöpping
11:26 Revision abb8b3f4 (amiro-os): Introduced DiWheelDrive v1.2 module.
Note that the new BNO055 IMU is not available yet. Thomas Schöpping
11:19 Revision b010278f (amiro-os): Introduced PowerManagement v1.2 module.
Also adapted PowerManagement v1.1 and ADC unit test. Thomas Schöpping
11:17 Revision 9af9aaea (amiro-os): AMiRo-BLT and AMiRo-LLD updated as preparation for introduction of ...
fixed typos. Thomas Schöpping
11:15 Revision 76350eab (amiro-lld): bq27500 v1: introduced an optional BQ27500_LLD_HWVERSION option.
Currently 120 (v1-20) and 130 (v1-30) are supported. Thomas Schöpping
11:05 Revision 21969c4e (amiro-blt): fixed module id veriables
Thomas Schöpping
11:02 Revision c1f21a71 (amiro-blt): Introduced a bootloader for the DiWheelDrive v1.2 module.
Thomas Schöpping
11:01 Revision a270d48f (amiro-blt): introduced a bootloader for the PowerManagement v1.2 module
Thomas Schöpping
11:00 Revision f7d2c786 (amiro-blt): Version increased to 1.2.x beta:
- Introduced module IDs for new AMiRo 1.2 modules.
- Introduced a new secondary wakeup reason (IMU) which is analogou...
Thomas Schöpping


12:57 Revision ad02f035 (amiro-os): NUCLEO-F103RB: fixed a typo
Thomas Schöpping
12:55 Revision 169a7bd6 (amiro-os): enhanced UML component diagram
Thomas Schöpping
12:54 Revision 4cb40108 (amiro-os): Update to the LLDs and the DW1000 unit test (removed deprecated fil...
Thomas Schöpping
12:52 Revision fe058578 (amiro-lld): minor optimization to the PCAL5624 v1 driver
Thomas Schöpping
12:52 Revision d5cec6de (amiro-lld): enhanced UML diagram
Thomas Schöpping
10:20 Revision 00843891 (amiro-os): removed some redundant GCC optimization parameters
Thomas Schöpping
10:19 Revision 8588411e (amiro-os): renamed the DW1000_V0 unit test to _v1 according to the LLD version...
Thomas Schöpping


17:02 Revision eeb84bf1 (amiro-os): modified some Makefiles to properly use the BUILDDIR variable
Thomas Schöpping
16:59 Revision b93c5d98 (amiro-os): Introduced the NUCLEO-F401RE module
Thomas Schöpping
16:23 Revision 68004e92 (amiro-os): Merge branch 'master' of
Thomas Schöpping
16:23 Revision b0ede265 (amiro-os): Default shell configurations have been changed:
Now the input line buffer can hold 128 characters (up from 64) and there can be up to 16 arguments per line (up from 4) Thomas Schöpping
16:22 Revision 6a95db23 (amiro-os): Changed the AMiRo-OS version back to 2.0.1 (from 2.1.0).
This was done, because an increment in the minor version implies an API change, which is not present yet. Thomas Schöpping
15:10 Revision 651cb6e6 (amiro-os): Extended unittest for AT42QT1050
Felix Wittenfeld
14:38 Revision 7df78c60 (amiro-lld): Added addr-calculation
Felix Wittenfeld
11:57 Revision 2f5f6722 (amiro-os): Enhanced the Makefiles to consistently use the BUIDDIR variable.
Thomas Schöpping
09:58 Revision 1c777686 (amiro-os): updated all aosconf.h files to AMiRo-OS 2.1
Thomas Schöpping


16:33 AMiRo-OS 2.0 released
The next-generation AMiRo-OS (version 2.0) has been released alongside AMiRo-BLT v1.1.2 and AMiRo-LLD v1.0.1.
The ...
Thomas Schöpping
16:28 Revision c5818ac1 (amiro-os): Master is now dev-branch for AMiRo-OS 2.1
Thomas Schöpping
16:26 Revision 2435f7a5 (amiro-os): AMiRo-OS 2.0 released
Thomas Schöpping
16:25 Revision 3f716772 (amiro-os): startup prompt and module:info command now print the date in ISO fo...
Thomas Schöpping
16:02 Revision 509a1f90 (amiro-os): Updated AMiRo-LLD to version 1.0.1
Thomas Schöpping
16:01 Revision 542939ea (amiro-os): Very minor enhancements.
Thomas Schöpping
12:39 Feature #585 (Resolved): Investigate whether CAN can be an optional feature of AMiRo-OS
CAN is now optional.
See commit:75c1f470 for details.
Thomas Schöpping
12:37 Revision 75c1f470 (amiro-os): CAN is now optional.
If disabled, CAN start and stop functions are removed, SSSP startup stage 3 is skipped and RTC is not synchronized du... Thomas Schöpping
09:55 Revision b95be72b (amiro-lld): AMiRo-LLD version increased to 1.0.1
Thomas Schöpping


17:36 Revision 8547080b (amiro-os): reduced the CH_CFG_ST_TIMEDELTA value to 20us as it seems to be wor...
Thomas Schöpping
17:35 Revision e9ca986c (amiro-os): Fixed recently broken Makefiles (sry!)
Thomas Schöpping
17:02 Feature #587 (New): Implement I2C bus clear function
Implement the I2C bus clear function as specified by the "I2C standard": Thomas Schöpping
16:53 Feature #586 (New): Configurable shell history
Introduce a configurable buffer for the shell, which holds the N last commands.
With N set to 0, the behavior should...
Thomas Schöpping
16:50 Feature #585 (Resolved): Investigate whether CAN can be an optional feature of AMiRo-OS
So far, having a CAN bus enabled is mandatory for AMiRo-OS to work.
The necessity for this should be investigated ag...
Thomas Schöpping
16:16 Revision 2a9f9ad7 (amiro-os): Slightly optimized all Makefiles
Thomas Schöpping
15:16 Revision daafd0b0 (amiro-os): the patching procedure in the kernel setup script will now print in...
Thomas Schöpping
15:15 Revision bac4d84a (amiro-os): Fixed some remaining 2018 dates
Thomas Schöpping
13:42 Revision 732a4657 (amiro-os): ChibiOS updated to version stable_19.1.x.
NOTE: ChibiOS 19.1.x seems to contain some issues as of now. Thomas Schöpping
12:45 Revision 84450926 (amiro-lld): DW1000: updated copyright to 2019
Thomas Schöpping


18:04 Revision 7de0cc90 (amiro-os): All preprocessor directives without arguments (e.g. #endif) are now...
Thomas Schöpping
14:35 Revision 15fd5bbb (amiro-lld): removed the DW1000 version 0 driver
Thomas Schöpping
14:01 Revision c42956f9 (amiro-os): Makefiles enhanced: the targets 'all' and 'clean' will now be execu...
Thomas Schöpping
13:43 Revision 23437e98 (amiro-os): Using a RTC is now no mandatory feature anymore, but optional
Thomas Schöpping


17:46 Revision d96ce104 (amiro-os): Shell: "fixed" the HOME and END escape sequences, which were not AN...
Thomas Schöpping


11:11 Revision 165bcce7 (amiro-os): Fixed the ADC unit test, so it will only be activated for the Power...
Thomas Schöpping
11:10 Revision 3cb82b1a (amiro-os): Reordered some configuration files.
The BOARD_VERSION macro has been removed. Instead the version is now encoded in the other BOARD_XXX macros. Thomas Schöpping
11:08 Revision 0f60c8ad (amiro-os): Applied AMiRo-OS header to sime files, which still held the ChibiOS...
Thomas Schöpping

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