From 2019-02-21 to 2019-03-22


11:06 Feature #594 (Resolved): Revise periphAL
The periphery abstraction layer (periphAL) should be revised and optimized:
* All @enum@ should be replaced by a c...
Thomas Schöpping


13:24 Feature #592 (Resolved): AMiRo-LLD configuration via Makefile
Currently AMiRo-LLD drivers are activated via the alldconf.h file, which results in numerous files being compiled wit... Thomas Schöpping
13:20 Feature #591 (New): More generic QtCreator project setup
Recently, the AMiRo-OS QtCreator project setup script has been enhanced to use the GCC output for generating accordin... Thomas Schöpping
13:16 Feature #590 (Resolved): System (de)initialization with disabled bootloader
Introduce a possibility to configure AMiRo-OS to not use a bootloader, so that the OS will fully initialize the hardw... Thomas Schöpping
13:13 Feature #589 (New): Enhanced I/O events
Currently I/O interrupts result in I/O events and propagate the causing EXTI line via event flags (e.g. EXTI #3 propa... Thomas Schöpping
11:57 Support #588 (In Progress): AMiRo-BLT overhaul
Currently AMiRo-BLT is a highly modified fork of an quite old version of OpenBLT. For better maintainability it shoul... Thomas Schöpping


12:39 Feature #585 (Resolved): Investigate whether CAN can be an optional feature of AMiRo-OS
CAN is now optional.
See commit:75c1f470 for details.
Thomas Schöpping


17:02 Feature #587 (New): Implement I2C bus clear function
Implement the I2C bus clear function as specified by the "I2C standard": Thomas Schöpping
16:53 Feature #586 (New): Configurable shell history
Introduce a configurable buffer for the shell, which holds the N last commands.
With N set to 0, the behavior should...
Thomas Schöpping
16:50 Feature #585 (Resolved): Investigate whether CAN can be an optional feature of AMiRo-OS
So far, having a CAN bus enabled is mandatory for AMiRo-OS to work.
The necessity for this should be investigated ag...
Thomas Schöpping

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