From 2019-03-03 to 2019-04-01


17:25 Bug #595 (New): SSSP has issue with IO event in breakout board
Enabling the SSSP flag has some conflicts with the IO event in the UWB breakout board of the Light Ring module.
The ...
Cung Lian Sang


11:06 Feature #594 (Resolved): Revise periphAL
The periphery abstraction layer (periphAL) should be revised and optimized:
* All @enum@ should be replaced by a c...
Thomas Schöpping


13:24 Feature #592 (Resolved): AMiRo-LLD configuration via Makefile
Currently AMiRo-LLD drivers are activated via the alldconf.h file, which results in numerous files being compiled wit... Thomas Schöpping
13:20 Feature #591 (New): More generic QtCreator project setup
Recently, the AMiRo-OS QtCreator project setup script has been enhanced to use the GCC output for generating accordin... Thomas Schöpping
13:16 Feature #590 (Resolved): System (de)initialization with disabled bootloader
Introduce a possibility to configure AMiRo-OS to not use a bootloader, so that the OS will fully initialize the hardw... Thomas Schöpping
13:13 Feature #589 (New): Enhanced I/O events
Currently I/O interrupts result in I/O events and propagate the causing EXTI line via event flags (e.g. EXTI #3 propa... Thomas Schöpping
11:57 Support #588 (In Progress): AMiRo-BLT overhaul
Currently AMiRo-BLT is a highly modified fork of an quite old version of OpenBLT. For better maintainability it shoul... Thomas Schöpping


12:39 Feature #585 (Resolved): Investigate whether CAN can be an optional feature of AMiRo-OS
CAN is now optional.
See commit:75c1f470 for details.
Thomas Schöpping

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