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amiro-blt @ f3866909

# Date Author Comment
f3866909 2018-05-07 17:15 Thomas Schöpping Prepended the BL_ prefix to the SSSP_VERSION macros
6aa90377 2018-05-04 15:34 Thomas Schöpping

fixed a erroneous path in the SerialBoot setup

0352f25e 2018-04-09 14:57 Thomas Schöpping

version number incremented for al modules to 1.1.1

31d314a9 2018-04-09 14:55 Thomas Schöpping

renamed the make projects to include the version of the modules.

2d379838 2018-04-09 14:55 Thomas Schöpping

Moved the helper.h/c files to the general Source folder.
The helper files take now advantage from the iodef.h files, making inline module checks unnecessary (removed according lines from the makefiles).

09ad5212 2018-04-09 14:52 Thomas Schöpping

moved the GPIO defines to an additional file iodef.h

68bf1211 2018-03-16 13:44 Thomas Schöpping

INtroduced Target/Modules/ which defines the device IDs for all module.

fb5a5c5b 2018-03-16 13:43 Thomas Schöpping

SerialBoot now detects invalid device IDs (e.g. 0 or empty argument '-T')

d7238092 2018-03-16 11:45 Thomas Schöpping

SerialBoot now recognizes device IDs (T parameter) in various formats:
'raw', e.g. T123456
hexadecimal, e.g. T0x01020304
octal, e.g. T0o010203040506
binary, e.g. T0b0010100010101100010
decimal, e.g. -T0d123456

d54d2f07 2018-03-16 11:43 Thomas Schöpping

Major overhaul (to version 1.1.0):
- The bootloader toolchain now works with 32 bit device IDs (DiWheelDrive 1.1 = 0x01000101; PowerManagement 1.1 = 0x01010101; LightRing 1.0 = 0x017F0100).
However, the system is still compatible to the old numbering scheme and legacy IDs for compatibility reasons....

df2f435c 2018-03-16 10:43 Thomas Schöpping

minor fix to the script

5cff2671 2018-03-09 18:27 Thomas Schöpping fixed erroneous paths

6ac03b0f 2018-03-09 17:49 Thomas Schöpping

Target/Makefile enhanced to be more generic

a8ddce31 2018-03-09 16:48 Thomas Schöpping

minor fix to script

367c0652 2018-03-09 16:48 Thomas Schöpping

Moved the Taget/Demo/XXX/ folders to Target/Modules/.
The module folders were further renamed to contain the module revision (e.g. DiWheelDrive_1-1).

9085c3a0 2018-03-09 16:34 Thomas Schöpping

moved the compier/ and ide/ folders to a common folder tools/

f4758731 2018-02-09 13:29 Thomas Schöpping

Bootloader version increased to 1.0.1

75f9dc42 2018-01-25 11:09 Thomas Schöpping

Updated and improved the README.txt file.

4f07e80a 2018-01-24 15:50 Thomas Schöpping

Incremented the year in all according files to 2018.

cc06d380 2018-01-10 13:52 Thomas Schöpping

Fixed path issues in the QtCreator setup script.

316a2b34 2018-01-09 15:02 Thomas Schöpping

Enhanced GCC setup script: now it is possible to uninstall versions via the script.

0dea5c63 2018-01-08 17:49 Thomas Schöpping

Merge branch '1.0_stable' of into 1.0_stable

214352ae 2018-01-08 17:49 Thomas Schöpping

Fixed as issue when executing the setup script from remote path.

72294488 2018-01-08 16:23 Thomas Schöpping

minor fixes to the GCC compiler scripts

0dc9f2f9 2017-10-10 16:40 Thomas Schöpping

Bash scripts slightly enhanced: When passing --LOG option no separator is printed to log file.

5690d84c 2017-10-04 12:33 Thomas Schöpping fixed: Paths are now resolved correctly.

66984f56 2017-09-29 16:32 Thomas Schöpping

setup script is now aware whether git submodule initialization fails.

1446566f 2017-09-29 12:14 Thomas Schöpping

Bash scripts: Modified the --help argument is now parsed before --log.

5bd3a15e 2017-09-29 11:18 Thomas Schöpping

./ Can now be called from any directory.

3719a40a 2017-09-28 15:41 Thomas Schöpping

Minor visual enhancements to the bash scripts.

0a42f078 2017-09-28 15:34 Thomas Schöpping

Further enhancements to the bash scripts.
Additional scripts for compiler configuration have been added.

7a91596e 2017-09-26 17:10 Thomas Schöpping

Minor fixes to the bash scripts.

1da30dfc 2017-09-26 17:02 Thomas Schöpping

Bash scripts enhanced.

80052dc0 2017-09-21 16:30 Thomas Schöpping

Minor fix to the bash setup script.

332fd270 2017-06-20 11:23 Thomas Schöpping

README.txt: Modified section 3.1 (target software) so that users should use different, safer, udev rules.

a3508d90 2017-05-18 12:16 Thomas Schöpping

stm32flash submodule reverted to version 0.5 commit (newer commits contain bugs)

d91fca20 2017-05-09 18:21 Thomas Schöpping

Fixed typo in authors list.

a8fc89f4 2017-05-03 11:18 Thomas Schöpping

Fixed a typo in the README.txt file.

3fbc2ae9 2017-05-03 11:18 Thomas Schöpping

Added some additional information in the README.txt file.

8446a3a1 2017-04-24 19:56 Thomas Schöpping

Moved stm32flash submodule from ./Host/stm32flash to ./Host/Source/stm32flash.

39df57fa 2017-04-24 19:06 Thomas Schöpping fixed typo

67c9b292 2017-04-24 16:20 Thomas Schöpping

FIX: Initialization of stm32flash submodule can now be run from arbitrary directory.

6feb961b 2017-04-24 15:59 Thomas Schöpping

stm32flash: Binary is no longer copied to a bin/ directory.
README.txt: Updated the installation instructions for stm32flash.

6886c3b6 2017-04-24 15:35 Thomas Schöpping

Added stm32flash as submodule.

5198fb09 2017-04-20 18:11 Thomas Schöpping

README.txt: superfluous empty line deleted

9c219069 2017-04-20 17:31 Thomas Schöpping

README.txt updated

18671409 2017-04-20 16:22 Thomas Schöpping

Introduced a Makefile in the Target/ folder for more convenient building and flashing of target code.

470d0567 2017-04-20 16:21 Thomas Schöpping

Renamed the interface header file (in ./Target/Source/AMiRo/) from 'interfaces.h' to 'amiroblt.h'.
The interface was additionally modified:
- The magic number for identification has been changed from 0xFF669900 to 0x0x412D424C ("A-BL"), making the interface incompatible to older versions....

4cce70a8 2017-04-20 16:15 Thomas Schöpping

README.txt overhauled.
A setup script is now available.
Overhault of the QuCreator IDE setup scrip.
SerialBoot startup prompt was updated and enhanced.

2654b32c 2017-04-20 16:12 Thomas Schöpping

Deleted the Doc/ directory and moved the license file to the root directory.

da350eab 2016-06-08 16:59 Thomas Schöpping

CITEC acknowledgment text was modified to the preferred wording.

69661903 2016-06-08 13:39 Thomas Schöpping

Initial commit of AMiRo-BLT version 0.3. This is the first version released open source.