From 2018-08-07 to 2018-09-05


17:22 Revision 63592e51 (amiro-os): fixed the QtCreator setup script
Thomas Schöpping
17:22 Revision 738a28c8 (amiro-os): removed old CHhibiOS patches which are not required anymore
Thomas Schöpping
17:22 Revision 1e5f7648 (amiro-os): Major rework of the recent changes.
- optimized interrupt system (removed aos_interrupt.h/c)
- updated AMiRo-LLD submodule
- updated all config files to ...
Thomas Schöpping
15:07 Revision cf1f756b (amiro-lld): - All drivers which held a apalControlGpio_t before, now only hold...
- Introduced a configuration macro to define the width of the apalTime_t type.
- Several minor modifications to perip...
Thomas Schöpping


12:24 Revision 57d411d6 (amiro-os): Updated ChibiOS submodule to the most recent commit on the stable_1...
Marc Rothmann
12:01 Revision 2c99037f (amiro-os): Added control functions to the channel-based datatypes in AMiRo-OS.
Marc Rothmann


16:41 Revision 0128be0f (amiro-os): Updated Chibi-OS to version 18.2 and adapted AMiRo-OS accordingly:
- Switched to new time conversion macros
- Use PAL for interrupts instead of the EXT Driver
- Use new kernel tests
Marc Rothmann
16:39 Revision 59c28372 (amiro-lld): Increased apalTime_t to 64 bit.
Marc Rothmann


13:38 Revision 2674917e (amiro-os): Added missing descriptions for the variables introduced in the last...
Thomas Schöpping


16:33 Revision 3e1a9c79 (amiro-os): Introduced an mechanism to measure clock skew during operation phas...
The low-pass filtered skew is printed via the module:info shell command. Thomas Schöpping


18:52 Revision 9461fadc (amiro-os): RTC date/time is now synchronized on startup from the SSSP master m...
Further changes:
- several enhancements to the newly introduced module stack initialization procedure
- several min...
Thomas Schöpping


14:48 Revision 933df08e (amiro-os): Introduced SSSP stage 3 of the startup phase (module stack initiali...
Thomas Schöpping

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