From 2019-03-07 to 2019-04-05


18:39 Revision 908b6fb4 (amiro-os): modified LLD for UWB breakout in Light Ring module
Cung Lian Sang
18:20 Revision 0ecf4119 (amiro-os): adapted the UWB pin config in NUCLEO-F10bRB with Light Ring breakout
Cung Lian Sang
18:17 Revision 88449987 (amiro-os): introduced UWB apps and UT on Light Ring breakout
Cung Lian Sang
18:02 Revision ef5bc242 (amiro-lld): initial commit for UWB in Light Ring
Cung Lian Sang
17:25 Bug #595 (New): SSSP has issue with IO event in breakout board
Enabling the SSSP flag has some conflicts with the IO event in the UWB breakout board of the Light Ring module.
The ...
Cung Lian Sang
15:46 Revision 2538f3de (amiro-os): Pop queue based on next Time Slot, refs #1170
Julian Leichert
15:03 Revision 21e5be0b (amiro-os): Introduced the NUCLEO-F767ZI (STM32F767 Nucleo-144 devboard) module.
Thomas Schöpping
10:26 Revision 5d67f4db (amiro-lld): Added simplistic statefull wrapper of BOSH BNO055 library (https:/...
Timm Hörmann


14:18 Revision 6d56ad8d (amiro-os): made msg static in enqueueMsg, refs #1183
Julian Leichert
14:15 Revision 7f37b11b (amiro-os): fixed wrong position of functions, implemented enqueue, refs #1183
Julian Leichert
13:05 Revision b85b6b26 (amiro-os): Overhaul queueInit,refs #1183
Julian Leichert
12:44 Revision ece66d59 (amiro-os): init function queue,refs #1183
Julian Leichert


17:22 Revision 395ae04f (amiro-os): Merge branch 'master' of
Felix Wittenfeld
17:21 Revision 265dae32 (amiro-os): fix and extension for Touch test
Felix Wittenfeld


17:49 Revision 39e164a2 (amiro-os): Expected jitter was increased to 50 us again, since slow MCUs faile...
Thomas Schöpping
17:48 Revision 3106e8cc (amiro-os): Updated to AMiRo-LLD 1.1:
- Implementation of periphAL has been modified accordingly.
- GPIOs are not encoded as port/pad tuple, but as lines
Thomas Schöpping
17:43 Revision 916f8d28 (amiro-os): aos_status_t type optimized for smaller memory footprint.
Thomas Schöpping
17:40 Revision 7021191e (amiro-lld): Revision of the periphAL interface:
- All types have been optimized for smaller memory footprint.
- Several inversion macros (e.g. APAL_GPIO_STATE_INVERT...
Thomas Schöpping
17:37 Revision bbeeceaf (amiro-lld): TLC5947: the BLANK and XLAT pins are nor optional per object.
Thomas Schöpping
17:36 Revision 7394be9e (amiro-lld): bq27500: improved handling of different hardware versions
Thomas Schöpping


14:44 Revision 5034a2a5 (amiro-os): fixed missing pointer, refs #1183
Julian Leichert
14:41 Revision 5766017b (amiro-os): Queue pop, refs #1183
Julian Leichert
14:05 Revision e7131d09 (amiro-os): small Fixes, and Queue function Headers refs #1183
Julian Leichert
13:37 Revision 034cb15a (amiro-os): Fixed some erroneous module versions.
Thomas Schöpping
13:36 Revision 53e662d3 (amiro-os): Slightly increased expected jitter (20us -> 30us) due to timing iss...
Thomas Schöpping
11:58 Revision ee884101 (amiro-os): Introduced most drivers and according unit tests to the LightRing v...
Thomas Schöpping
11:57 Revision 78cc79d4 (amiro-lld): Introduced the MIC9404x power switch driver
Thomas Schöpping


14:35 Revision 9ae7c4f3 (amiro-os): Initial support for the new LightRing v1.2 module (not all hardware...
Thomas Schöpping
14:33 Revision 5d0950c9 (amiro-lld): TLC5947v1: enhanced to support chained devices.
Thomas Schöpping
14:32 Revision fc7151bb (amiro-blt): Introduced new LightRing v1.2 module.
Version number has been rolled back to 1.1.3, since no new functionality has been introduced with the latest commits,... Thomas Schöpping
11:06 Feature #594 (Resolved): Revise periphAL
The periphery abstraction layer (periphAL) should be revised and optimized:
* All @enum@ should be replaced by a c...
Thomas Schöpping


12:59 Revision 11d54cd3 (amiro-os): Merge branch 'rtcan' of
# Conflicts:
# modules/PowerManagement_1-1/module.c
# modules/PowerManagement_1-1/module.h
Julian Leichert


13:24 Feature #592 (Resolved): AMiRo-LLD configuration via Makefile
Currently AMiRo-LLD drivers are activated via the alldconf.h file, which results in numerous files being compiled wit... Thomas Schöpping
13:20 Feature #591 (New): More generic QtCreator project setup
Recently, the AMiRo-OS QtCreator project setup script has been enhanced to use the GCC output for generating accordin... Thomas Schöpping
13:16 Feature #590 (Resolved): System (de)initialization with disabled bootloader
Introduce a possibility to configure AMiRo-OS to not use a bootloader, so that the OS will fully initialize the hardw... Thomas Schöpping
13:13 Feature #589 (New): Enhanced I/O events
Currently I/O interrupts result in I/O events and propagate the causing EXTI line via event flags (e.g. EXTI #3 propa... Thomas Schöpping
11:57 Support #588 (In Progress): AMiRo-BLT overhaul
Currently AMiRo-BLT is a highly modified fork of an quite old version of OpenBLT. For better maintainability it shoul... Thomas Schöpping
11:26 Revision abb8b3f4 (amiro-os): Introduced DiWheelDrive v1.2 module.
Note that the new BNO055 IMU is not available yet. Thomas Schöpping
11:19 Revision b010278f (amiro-os): Introduced PowerManagement v1.2 module.
Also adapted PowerManagement v1.1 and ADC unit test. Thomas Schöpping
11:17 Revision 9af9aaea (amiro-os): AMiRo-BLT and AMiRo-LLD updated as preparation for introduction of ...
fixed typos. Thomas Schöpping
11:15 Revision 76350eab (amiro-lld): bq27500 v1: introduced an optional BQ27500_LLD_HWVERSION option.
Currently 120 (v1-20) and 130 (v1-30) are supported. Thomas Schöpping
11:05 Revision 21969c4e (amiro-blt): fixed module id veriables
Thomas Schöpping
11:02 Revision c1f21a71 (amiro-blt): Introduced a bootloader for the DiWheelDrive v1.2 module.
Thomas Schöpping
11:01 Revision a270d48f (amiro-blt): introduced a bootloader for the PowerManagement v1.2 module
Thomas Schöpping
11:00 Revision f7d2c786 (amiro-blt): Version increased to 1.2.x beta:
- Introduced module IDs for new AMiRo 1.2 modules.
- Introduced a new secondary wakeup reason (IMU) which is analogou...
Thomas Schöpping

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