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0128be0f 2018-08-29 16:41 Marc Rothmann

Updated Chibi-OS to version 18.2 and adapted AMiRo-OS accordingly:
- Switched to new time conversion macros
- Use PAL for interrupts instead of the EXT Driver
- Use new kernel tests

870f74ac 2018-06-13 09:33 Thomas Schöpping

1) enhancements of the makefiles:
- replaced all absolute paths by relative paths
- include directories now consistently do not have a trailing slash
- it is now possible to specify a custom build directory by setting the BUILDDIR variable
- updated C/C++ standard to C11 and C17 respectively (igrnore warnings caused by ChibiOS for now)...

e545e620 2018-03-21 11:51 Thomas Schöpping

Major overhaul to AMiRo-OS version 2.0.0

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